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Integrative therapy

for anxiety, depression, trauma, and difficult experiences

Our problems are rarely only in our heads.
That’s why solutions rarely emerge solely from them.

Over the past twenty years the field of neuroscience has shown us that we are much more than our brains — that we are not a “ghost in a machine.” Instead, the brain is an extension of the body, and in turn the world, woven with and responsive to what happens inside us and around us. That finding has led to significant changes in the field of therapy, and is the reason I focus my work here, at the intersection of four realms of human experience:

The cognitive

How we understand and make sense of ourselves, and the world around us

The emotional

How we experience sensation to guide our movement toward and away from events

The somatic

How we encode experience in the nervous system to shape future behaviour

The relational

How we co-create and repeat relationships for safety and assistance in the world

For problems with, and without a name

I work with people to unpack the nature of the problems they face, to understand the wisdom of these problems, and to transform them into opportunities for greater well-being and engagement with the world we share.

Some of the problems I commonly work with include anxiety, depression, PTSD, complex trauma and dissociation. But not all problems have names. Other problems I commonly work with include:

I believe that wellness means greater comfort with ourselves, deeper relationships with others, and the tools to feel confident and effective in navigating the challenges we face as human beings. My job is to help you get there.

“I’m working on my own life story.
I don’t mean I’m putting it together;
no, I’m taking it apart.”
Margaret Atwood, The Tent