Making pottery

I work with people experiencing difficult problems. These problems go by many names, and may be new or old, but all share the common trait of stubbornly obstructing our happiness. You might find yourself feeling depressed, stuck or directionless, unable to steer toward a more hopeful future. You might struggle with the overwhelming complexity of your life, or feel paralyzed by the choices it presents. You might lament the harshness with which you treat yourself or those you love. Whatever they do, however they operate, these problems make life needlessly hard.

I work with thought, emotion and the somatic to render problems intelligible and tangible, transforming them into opportunities for greater comfort, well-being, and authentic participation in the world we share.

Some of the problems I work with include:

  • Disconnection from oneself, low self-regard or self-worth, feeling ‘lost’ or aimless
  • Disconnection from other people, such as feeling alone, detached, unloved or unloveable
  • Reliance on outside means for comfort or contentment
  • Ongoing low mood, sense of dread, despair, or lack of fulfillment in life
  • Difficulty asserting oneself, or having one’s needs, preferences or desires met or respected
  • Volatility in relationships with oneself or others.

My approach also extends well beyond problems, because addressing these is only half the story to building a meaningful life. Throughout my work, I also help to identify and build character strengths, clarify and cultivate guiding values, and (re)discover depth of meaning and purpose in life.

Toward an integrated self

At the heart of my approach rests the knowledge that the origins and healing of most of our problems are relational in nature—that is to say, it is disruption to our relationships with ourselves and other people that lie at the heart (literally and figuratively) of most problems with our well-being.