How are you offering sessions during COVID?

I am offering sessions in accordance with BC Ministry of Health guidelines. These presently permit online and in-person sessions.

How do in-person sessions work during COVID?

I follow WorkSafeBC guidelines, which require physical distancing or masks be used during counselling sessions. My office seating is sufficiently spaced that masks are not required. However, I always follow clients’ personal preferences, and will ask if you prefer I remain masked. I will wear, and also provide medical-grade ASTM procedure masks as desired.

I am also vaccinated x2.

How do online sessions work?

I do online sessions using an encrypted web-based platform; it doesn’t require an account or special download. When it’s time for your session, you’ll find the link in your profile, and in the reminder email.

What do you mean by “integrative counselling”?

I use the term in two senses. First, it refers to a style of counselling that blends different techniques into one  approach, tailored to the problems at hand. Integrative also refers to the process by which healing can occur. Recognizing that many of our experiences become inalienable parts of us, integration is the process by which a person makes their experience part of their growth, and often a new, cohesive identity.

How exactly can you help me with a problem?

Most people reach out wanting solutions to problems. I can help provide effective skills to resolve or alleviate those problems.

People also often reach out wanting greater insight into why and how a problem exists. Exploratory work helps to provide this insight. Exploratory work helps people achieve greater self-understanding and comprehension by uncovering hidden patterns, giving voice to parts of ourselves that have been long quiet, and instilling curiosity about parts of ourselves we don’t fully know. For some, exploratory work culminates in answering the ultimate questions of who we are, and why we are here.

When time and space permits, I see the best results in combining skill-building and exploratory work.

Do you assign homework?

That’s up to you: some people like to have their work contained within session; others like to carry on their work outside. I’ll work with your preference.

How many sessions will it take for me to feel better?

People often feel better after the first session. Simply being able to freely share one’s experience, without judgment or expectation, is therapeutic in itself. In the first couple sessions I aim to help people get a handle on their most distressing problems, so they can begin to gain a sense of control and hope for the future. Most people consequently start to feel significantly better after two to five sessions — but that’s not an expectation or an ideal. We all have our own pace for inner work, and ‘simple’ problems are rarely simple. If they were, we’d resolve them ourselves.

What is your cancellation policy?

I ask that I receive 24 hours’ notice for cancellations. The full session rate will be charged for cancellations with less notice.