High Sensitivity questionnaire

This questionnaire asks you to reflect on a number of experiences commonly described by Highly Sensitive People. Take a few minutes to answer the questions, carefully considering each one. There are 16 questions in all.

If you possess the trait of High Sensitivity, you likely experience the world as variously deeply enriching, and completely overwhelming. Subtleties in situations and environments are amplified. Emotions are stronger, and relationships often more complex. Change may be avoided, decisions and conversations re-examined, and novel experiences laboured over or avoided altogether.

As with any trait, High Sensitivity bestows a range of benefits and challenges. When denied or ignored, High Sensitivity can easily lead to problems like depression, anxiety, and challenges with work, school or relationships. But when embraced and embodied, awareness of the ins-and-outs of High Sensitivity can bring tremendous possibility and meaning to our lives. For many, knowing the trait allows a sense of peace in knowing that they are not ‘flawed’ or experiencing a disorder.

I work with Highly Sensitive People to better understand the trait and its unique interplay with their needs, values, and aspirations. While the challenges and opportunities presented by High Sensitivity are richly diverse, I commonly offer assistance to:

  • Adjust work, home or school life to reduce over-stimulation and overwhelm
  • Address shyness and loneliness to begin cultivating rewarding friendships and partnerships
  • Be understood, and have needs met with friends, family, colleagues and romantic partners
  • Address mental health problems with awareness of High Sensitivity, and to untangle or resolve these in a gentle, strength-giving way
  • Heal and integrate after experiencing distressing, overwhelming or traumatizing events
  • Address longstanding guilt, shame, or regret
  • Navigate the search for meaning and purpose, or channel abilities to realize one’s highest self
  • Begin to examine and reconcile concerns around areas of moral and ethical importance.

As a Highly Sensitive Person myself, I bring the trait’s qualities to my work, and truly enjoy the opportunity to work alongside people sharing this gift. Reach out to arrange a time to talk more about the problems you’re encountering, and how we can work together to resolve these.