Please note I am not taking on new clients at this time.


One-to-one counselling

Whether you’re looking to develop and refine new skills, understand yourself more fully, or resolve difficult problems, I’m here to help. Whatever you’re experiencing, I adapt my approach to your personal strengths and objectives.


Anxiety and panic

Learn and refine techniques for ending anxiety and panic attacks. Harness the capacity of your nervous system to eliminate the feedback loops that give rise to anxiousness in the first place.



Alleviate situational and clinical depression. Bring troubling thoughts to completion, while rebalancing mood, improving energy, and rediscovering an appreciation for life's joys.


Difficult emotions

Make sense of recurring difficult feelings, whether or not they make sense. Gain a sense of mastery over your inner experiences to begin navigating life more confidently and enjoyably.


Trauma and PTSD

Address and resolve the residual pain of trauma, including shock and complex trauma. If you've been exposed to a traumatic event, we can work to help you prevent the emergence of PTSD.



Gain freedom from intrusive, repetitive thoughts and unhelpful behaviours. Identify and resolve their origins to bring closure to OCD, and prevent it from emerging again.


Eating disorders

Gain freedom from the intrusive, repetitive thoughts and unhelpful cycles linked to food. Resolve the underlying origins of eating disorders, and restore a true appreciation for food.


High sensitivity

Channel a natural attunement to your inner and outer worlds into fulfillment. Develop resilience in the face of stress and hardship, while managing your energy to do more of what you love.



Renegotiate your relationship with substances, sex, shopping, food, and other comforts. Develop skills for understanding your inner workings and restoring a sense of inner peace.

Therapies I offer

If you’re looking to try a specific type of therapy, we can talk about tailoring this to your needs. I am trained and practiced in a range of therapies, including:

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