These 55-to-60-minute workshops teach participants skills demonstrated to improve happiness and mental well-being. Drawing from the fields of Positive Psychology and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, each workshop presents the skills in an absorbing and streamlined way to promote quick learning and enthusiastic practice.

Course Objectives

Equip participants with mental health skills that are simple, enjoyable, and effective.

Course content

  • 10 minute intro
  • 3×10 or 5×5 minute skills training
  • 10 minute outro
  • 10 minute q+a

Checking in on Mental Health

This workshop teaches 3 actions for responding helpfully when we have concerns about a person’s mental well-being. The ABC model is a simple, effective way to offer meaningful assistance to friends, family, and colleagues.

A Blueprint for Well-Being

The field of Positive Psychology has discovered that our happiness and well-being are tied to 5 key life domains. This workshop introduces each of these domains and provides evidenced techniques for boosting performance in each.

3 Practices for Lifelong Mental Well-Being

This workshop provides 3 simple daily practices demonstrated to dramatically improve mental well-being. In fact, research shows them to relieve depression better than any medication, and to increase life meaning and enjoyment.

5 Skills to Handle any Tough Situation

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy is the gold-standard treatment for a range of mental health problems today. But the skills it teaches can also be practiced by anyone, any time, anywhere to make life more liveable.

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