Go for a fifteen-minute walk in your neighbourhood. Chances are you didn’t encounter anyone injured and needing help. But you did pass by at least one person who needed Mental Health First Aid.

This year, one in five Canadians will experience a mental health issue requiring help. Very few of us will receive that help — because we won’t know how to get it, will be ashamed to ask for it, or because the help we need won’t be immediately available.

Mental Health First Aid trains you to provide support to a person experiencing a mental health problem, and to intervene in some of the most difficult mental health crises, including suicide plans, substance poisoning, trauma exposure, panic attacks, and psychosis.

No matter where you live or the field you work in, this course will equip you with a set of skills you can use every day. Be it in your neighbourhood, your workplace, or in your home, my job is to provide you the competence and confidence to respond quickly and decisively to the mental health problems you encounter, no matter who, what, when, where, or why.

Course Objectives

You will learn a series of concrete steps to provide support to a person experiencing a decline in their mental well-being, or a mental health crisis. You will learn how to recognize signs that a person needs help, how to provide that help, and how to  stop a mental health crisis. And you will learn how to help yourself if you experience a mental health problem.

Course content

Module 1: Skills for Helping

Module 1 is a self-directed introduction to Mental Health First Aid, completed prior to the online modules.

  • Overview of the core principles of effective help
  • Introduction to the actions of Mental Health First Aid

Module 2: Help for Declining Mental Health

  • Responding to substance use problems
  • Responding to depression
  • Responding to anxiety

Module 3: Help for Mental Health Crises

  • Intervening in suicidal ideation
  • Intervening in panic attacks
  • Intervening in posttraumatic stress
  • Intervening in substance poisoning

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